About Stephen

Hello! My name is Stephen and I work as a wedding photographer. The most important thing to me is to document the story of your wedding in a genuine, honest and emotional way. Love is a great word, and I’m sure that I can give you back the feeling of the intimate and memorable moments with my pictures.

Stephen became successful among his clients by being genial and natural as a person and by working discreetly and punctually. What make his unique and quality photos special are his elegancy, the diverse world of emotions and the harmony of the precious details. On his shots he is able to show authentically real and deep feelings of people.

He takes photos of prestigious weddings all around the world, in a spontaneous and in a sophisticated way. He works in Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland and of course in Hungary, to the delight of the native clients. You can check his wedding stories here.