Common questions

What is your photo shooting style?
What make my unique and quality photos special are my elegancy, the diverse world of emotions and the harmony of the precious details. On my shots I am able to show authentically real and deep feelings of people.

I take photos of prestigious weddings all around the world, in a spontaneous and in a sophisticated way.

On the website we can only see the basic prices, could you tell us something about the additional fees?
Many of my clients search for whole packages for their wedding. The experience of long years’ work helped me to work out the 5 categories. It can help you a lot, but to know the exact fee we need to know some more detail about your special day. Depending on this I can create your genuine package.

What do I need to make a reservation?
To make a reservation you need to sign an agreement and you can pay the 40% reservation fee.

How can we discuss the details?
If you live abroad then we can use social media (Whatsapp, Facetime), make calls or write emails. Anything you like. We make an agreement with many of my clients without seeing each other, this is based on the mutual trust.

How long does it take to get the pictures?
I know that you are really excited about the photos but my worktime is 30 days at a minimum (stated in the agreement). Although it can happen that I can finish before our deadline. In this case you automatically get the pictures.

Do you take family and friend pictures on the weddings?
Sure! These make a great and important part of the wedding!

Do you do weddings abroad?
Yes, more than a half of my orders are from foreign countries. The prices shown in the packages already contain the cost of travelling.

Do you photo shoot engagement sessions too?
Yes, before the wedding based on a previously discussed concept.

How much time before the wedding do we need to make the reservation?
I get a lot of orders every day so if you liked my pictures then I suggest that you contact me and make a reservation as soon as possible.

In what form do we get the photos after the wedding?
You get your pictures in JPEG form on a data medium and in an online gallery.

How do we get our Fine Art Album?
I’m using a mail-order service. In a special wrapping you get yout package in every country of the world, wherever you live.

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